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A place where new luxury is designed and made.

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The bespoke world of
Glyn Peter Machin

This is a place where new luxury is made. Where new levels of superior
design, craftsmanship and detailing define every piece of our bespoke
interior and exterior furniture as works of art.



We utilise our design talent and knowledge of design and development to facilitate the exciting journey from sketch to stunning realization, making sure along the way that aesthetics, materials and functionality work together in perfect harmony. A shining example is our stunning TYC319 Serengeti cabinet with 18ct gold trims around full-grain satin lacquered African wenge, crimson leather, thick textured cast glass inset top and hand-painted artwork doors.


Satin black open grain stain with 24ct gold detailing and petrol blue upholstery takes our TYC001R directors chair classic to a whole new level of sophistication and luxury. Although designed more than 10 years ago, bespoke editions and unique finishes continue to make our TYC001R a sought-after icon for both exteriors and interiors.


The beautiful, bespoke interior version of our TYC284 dining table in rosewood veneers, polished nickel and white lacquer is finished with highly polished glass-like clear top lacquer. Dark navy blue inlays in the top and base personalise the dining table to compliment accompanying pieces.

Exquisite limited edition and bespoke accessories, encompassing refined traditional crafts and artisan excellence from around the world. Adorn by Glyn Peter Machin represents functional precision, personalisation and individualism within every object created.

Behind each Glyn Peter Machin piece is a story; re-imagining, innovating and experimenting with materials, forms and techniques.


Glyn Peter Machin’s painstakingly bespoke approach is highly celebrated in the superyacht world. Over the last two decades, the studio has completed many commissions of one-of-a-kind exterior and interior furniture, including notable luxury superyachts: 70m Galactica Super Nova, 86m Aquila and 82m Alfa Nero.

Collaborating with Glyn Peter Machin is a chance for clients to indulge and express their fundamental passions in a form that is entirely original.